The Local Area


The market town of Brampton was founded in the 7th century and lies in the Irthing Valley, on the east side of Carlisle. Built of local sandstone, it is in a hollow formed by glacial action during the ice-age.
Surrounded by rolling hills, hedgerows, and woodland, the countryside is one of beauty; in fact the origin of the town’s name came from the thorny shrubs growing in the sandy soil which could possibly be from the old English word Brambles.

Brampton had a wide and cobbled main street which was suitable for the market, first held in 1252. The markets Charter was first granted by Henry III, and can be seen in the Doomsday Book and then James I granted one in 1606, of which a copy can be seen in the Moot Hall. In addition to the markets, four annual fairs were held. Nowadays, the weekly market is held on a Wednesday with the Farmers Market on the last Saturday in the month.